iPhone 15 Clear Case with MagSafe

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Thin, light, and easy to grip
This Apple-designed case shows off the brilliant colored finish of iPhone 15 while providing extra protection. 
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Product Overview
  • Crafted with a blend of optically clear polycarbonate and flexible materials, the case fits right over the buttons for easy use. On the surface, a scratch-resistant coating has been applied to both the interior and exterior.
  • And all materials and coatings are optimized to prevent yellowing over time.
  • With built-in magnets that align perfectly with iPhone 15, this case offers a magical attach experience and faster wireless charging, every time. When it’s time to charge, just leave the case on your iPhone and snap on your MagSafe charger, or set it on your Qi-certified charger.
  • Like every Apple-designed case, it undergoes thousands of hours of testing throughout the design and manufacturing process. So not only does it look great, it’s built to protect your iPhone from scratches and drops.




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