Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp Pro

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Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp Pro

Full-desktop 3D illumination, for more professional lighting




Effective lighting area of 1.2 m2 for full-desktop coverage Flexible angle adjustments to effectively reduce glare

No visible ghosting, flicker-free, no harmful blue light Professional reading and writing desk lamp, with improved eye protection

Talk to your lamp, with support for two different voice control systems Stepless adjustment of brightness and colour temperature

Flexible three-axis adjustment for full-desktop 3D illumination Let your creative inspiration run wild

Ignite your creative inspiration with better overall brightness than the previous generation

Three pivot points, designed to illuminate an area of 1.2 m2 Meets your lighting needs at every angle

The adjustable arm provides a larger operating radius for effective full-desktop lighting
Adjust the angle and brightness to suit different heights and usage requirements, whether you’re reading, writing, doing crafts or using a computer

Vivid, true-to-life CRI Let your creativity shine through

Bring the world around you to life with true-colour enhancing, natural illumination

Professional eye protection, flicker-free, low blue light Protecting your eyes no matter where your mind takes you

Provides a better user experience with every beam of light, certified free from blue-light hazard by multiple professional certifications

No visible ghosting, perfect lighting for the perfect you

A light experience like never before, with better shadow dilution and more even light distribution


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