Xiaomi Instant Photo Printer 1S Set EU

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Instant Photo Printer 1S Set

Print your every moment

High-resolution image quality
6-inch/3-inch photographic paper and ribbon set
Automatic film covering
Instant printing from smartphone
Remote printing

Take photos on your smartphone and print them instantly

Bring those special moments back to life

Easily connect your smartphone to the Xiaomi Instant Photo Printer 1S. 1 minute processing time for professional-standard high-resolution photos*. Turn snapshots in time on your smartphone screen into physical photos in your hand.

Switch between two photographic paper sizes

and photo styles as you wish

Print a whole family photo on the 6-inch photographic paper and put it in a photo frame.
Print a cute candid photo on the 3-inch photographic paper and paste it anywhere you like.
You can select the photo size as you wish and find your favourite style.
6 inch photographic paper              3 inch adhesive backing photographic paper
(100 x 148mm)                      (86 x 102 mm)

Create your own photo wall

featuring the beautiful places you’ve visited

and the delicious food you’ve tasted



Fill your home with warmth

– showcase family memories and your children growing up


Printed image quality

is comparable to results from professional photo labs

Professional sublimation printing technology, with 256 levels of greyscale, makes the colour of photos smooth and detailed. The high print head and paper feeding precision ensures that photos retain the definition of your facial features.

Automatic film covering prevents fading

so that photos can last forever

Separate plastic laminating is not needed as photos are automatically covered by a layer of transparent protective film, which is waterproof and fingerprint proof. Therefore, photos are long lasting and won’t discolour with yellowing, so colours will remain vivid even after decades

Upgraded direct connection feature

When the direct connection mode is enabled, the smartphone is directly connected to the printer. Ability to print directly from the album you have open makes photo printing as simple as photo taking.

Print ID photos quickly and easily

Xiaomi Home / Mi Home app provides common ID photo templates to print ID photos without having to leave the comfort of your home*. There are guide indicators on the four corners of photos for easy cutting by hand.

Xiaomi Instant Photo Printer 1S Set

with colour photographic paper and ribbon

With the 6-inch colour photographic paper and ribbon set, you only need to replace the ink-free ribbon combined with the high-definition thermal sublimation special photographic paper, making photo printing more affordable at home than in photo labs.
*More consumables are sold separately.

Integrated magnetic design

for convenient storage

Semi-transparent paper tray for clear indication of photographic paper consumption. You don’t have to worry about putting the album away after using it. The innovative integrated magnetic pick-up design makes it easy to stow, and with its neat and elegant appearance, it could even become a beautiful art piece left on your table.


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