Xiaomi – Multi-function Flashlight

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1000lm strong light 240m long lighting range

The brightness of the master light is adjustable at high, medium, and low levels to suit different lighting situations. With range up to 240m, penetrating darkness and illuminating even distant areas is made simple.



Flexible and infinite zooming

The lamp holder can zoom in and out of focus, enabling the free adjustment between spotlight and floodlight.
Smoothly switch between low beam for night walks and high beam for searching.


Multifunctional lighting

Turn on the master light to promptly respond to emergencies.
The side light provides a flashing red/fog light to penetrate fog and send out an emergency signal.


Xiaomi Multi Function Flashlight

White light low

Xiaomi Multi Function Flashlight

White light high
Xiaomi Multi Function Flashlight
Red light flashing
Xiaomi Multi Function Flashlight
Fog light flashing



Magnetic fixation

Rotatable to adjust the lighting angle

It can be attached magnetically to cars, holders, and other metal surfaces containing iron or nickel.
The rotating slide design allows 107° wide-angle rotation adjustment for more accurate lighting.
Product model


Product dimensions

188 × 40.5 × 36mm

Product net weight

Approx. 240g

Water resistance level


Input parameters


Battery type

Li-ion battery

Battery capacity


Rated voltage


Charging time

Approx. 180min

Operating temperature


Executive standard



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