Xiaomi – Smart Antibacterial Humidifier

24.900 KD

About this item

  • Quiet for less than 38 decibels
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for turning on and off the humidifier by voice control
  • Water tank with up to 4 liters capacity
  • With the MI Home App you can also control the humidifier from remote, when and how you want
  • Choose from 3 different moisture levels to meet every requirement in the different environments. The internal sensor in the humidifier will help you to understand which level can be set
  • Note: This machine must not be used with essential oils, as this can lead to breakage and cracking of the machine.
  • Delivery Within 1 - 2 Days

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Mi Smart Antibacterial Humidifier

UV-C instant sterilization system releases a pure and healthy mist

UV-C instant sterilization|Easy-to-use top-fill designPatented low-noise electric water valve|Constant healthy humidity



Sterilizes before humidifying

Enjoy healthy mist and comfortable humidity
Our home is our place of refuge, and creating comfortable humidity at home is just the start for the Mi Smart Antibacterial Humidifier.
It’s just like you’re breathing clean mountain forest air, leaving you feeling carefree and relaxed.



Ceramic core high-frequency atomization system

Delicate mist enters the pores and nourishes the muscles

The choice of a ceramic core high-frequency atomization disc causes water to atomize into particles 1–5 microns in size. These particles instantly emerge from the mist channel at a rate of up to 300 mL/h [7].Small particles gently permeate your skin and go directly into muscle sublayers, allowing your skin to absorb water like a sponge and retain its moisture.


Product name

Mi Smart Antibacterial Humidifier

Rated voltage

220 V

Rated power

25 W

Product net weight

1.9 kg

Humidification capacity

300±50 mUh

Product model no.


Rated frequency

50 Hz

Water tank capacity

4.5 L

Noise level during operation

≤38 dB

Product dimensions

190 x 190 x 353 mm


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