Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

A2M Website Is A Website That Provides Multiple Services To Users, By Using Our Website And Making A Purchase, You Acknowledge And Agree To All The Terms And Conditions Mentioned Here, And You Are Fully Responsible For Any Illegal Or Illegal Use Of The Website, And To Enjoy The Services Provided By The Website, You Must Read The Terms The Provisions Are As Follows:
  1. Content: All Information And Contents On The A2M Website Are The Property Of The Company And Are Protected By Copyright And May Not Be Copied Or Used Without The Written Permission Of The Company.
  2. Proper Use: Users May Use The A2M Website Only For Personal And Non-Commercial Purposes. It Is Forbidden To Use The Site In Any Way For Illegal Or Immoral Purposes.
  3. Liability: A2M Shall Not Be Liable For Any Direct Or Indirect Losses Or Damages.
  4. Registration: The User Must Register On The Site To Benefit From The Available Services.
  5. Modifications: A2M Reserves The Right To Modify The Terms And Conditions At Any Time Without Prior Notice. Users Are Required To Review These Modifications Periodically.
  6. Privacy: A2M Is Committed To Protecting The Privacy Of Users And Does Not Share Any Personal Information With Any Third Party Without The Express Permission Of The User.
  7. Applicable Law: The Use Of The A2M Website Is Subject To The Laws And Regulations In Force In The State Of Kuwait Through Which The Site Is Accessed, And Users Are Required To Comply With These Laws And Regulations.
  8. Comments: The User Must Not Post Any Inappropriate Or Offensive Comments Or Content On The Site.
  9. Cancellation: The User Must Cancel The Subscription To The Site If He No Longer Wants To Use Its Services.
  10. Payment: The A2M Website Offers Several Payment Methods, Such As Payment Via:
    • (K-Net – Visa – MasterCard – Apple Pay – Goole Pay – Samsung Pay) This Varies According To The A2M Company’s Sole Discretion, And The Method Of Payment For The Purchase Order Appears In The Last Stage Before Submitting The Purchase Order.
    • In The Case Of Card Payment Either At The Time Of Submitting The Purchase Order Or Receiving It, The Customer Is Deemed Upon Submitting The Purchase Order To Have Authorized A2M Or The Third Party Payment Processor To Process And Validate The Card Data For The Amount Of The Purchase Order.
    • To Ensure That The Card Is Not Used Without The Customer’s Consent, As Well As To Verify The Validity Of The Card And The Validity Of The Customer’s Data, The Site Directs The Customer To The Payment Gateway Page, Which Will Ask The Customer To Enter His Card Data As Required By The Payment Gateway Operator.
    • Moreover, The Payment Gateway Operator May Verify The Validity Of The Card Data In Addition To Other Information Provided By The Customer By Comparing It With The Payment Gateway Operator’s Databases.
    • The Responsibility Of Verifying The Customer’s Information And Card, As Well As Properly Authorizing The Card Debit Transaction, Rests With The Respective Payment Gateway Operator And/Or The Card Issuing Bank And In Accordance With Their Terms And Conditions.
    • A2M Shall Not Be Liable For Any Losses Or Damages Arising As A Result Of Fraudulent Transactions Carried Out As A Result Of Attacks On Or Breaches Of Any Payment Gateway Operator, Attacks Or Breaches Of Issuing Banks, Or As A Result Of Any Bad Faith Or Persons Other Than The Owners. The Card’s Legitimacy Contains The Customer’s Card Data, PIN Verification Data, Password Verification Data, Or Any Other Data That Authorizes The Purchase On The Payment Gateway.
Please Note: The User Must Abide By The Terms Of The Site And The Proper Use Of The Services Provided, Otherwise His Account May Be Blocked Or His Account Canceled.

To Cancel Your Account On The A2M Site, You Must Follow The Following Steps:

  1. Log In To Your Account On The My Account Website.
  2. Go To The Contact Us Page.
  3. Choose The Type Of Support, Then Cancel Account.
  4. It Is Required To Enter The Reason For Canceling The Account.
  5. Confirm The Account Cancellation Process.
  6. After Confirming The Cancellation, A Confirmation Message Will Be Sent To Your Email Registered In The Account.
Please Note: You Must Be Aware That Canceling The Account Means Losing Access To The Data And Information Stored In The Account, And It Cannot Be Recovered After Cancellation. Therefore, You Must Make Sure That You Really Want To Cancel The Account Before Doing The Above Steps.

Exchange And Return Policy

The Exchange And Return Policy In The State Of Kuwait States That It Is Subject To The Exchange And Return Policy Of The Executive Regulations Of Law No. 39/2014 Regarding Consumer Protection. This Policy Aims To Protect The Rights Of Consumers And Ensure Their Access To High Quality Products And Excellent Services:
  1. We Prepare The Request And Send It To The Customer According To The Address Registered By The Customer.
  2. The Customer Has The Right To Exchange The Product Or Return It For A Refund Within 14 Days From The Date Of Receiving The Order.
  3. The Goods Must Be In The Same Condition They Were In When Purchased, Suitable For Resale, And Placed In Their Original Packaging With All Accessories.
  4. The Customer Acknowledges That He Did Not Use The Product In Any Way.
  5. The Nature Of The Product Should Be Included Under The Products That Can Be Returned Or Refunded.
  6. The Gifts That Were Given To The Customer When Purchasing The Product To Be Returned Must Be Returned In A Sealed Package With Complete Accessories.
  7. Products Are Returned In The Event Of A Defect Or Malfunction, Or In The Event That They Do Not Conform To The Specifications Approved In The State Of Kuwait.
  8. In The Event That The Replacement Is Not Possible, The Product Is Returned, And The Seller Is Obligated To Refund Its Price According To The Value Stated In The Sales Invoice, And In The Same Method Used To Purchase It.
  9. The Customer Has The Right To Exchange Or Return When The Conditions Stipulated In This Law Are Met, Even If The Goods Were Purchased During The Discounts (Discounts) Authorized By The Ministry Of Commerce And Industry, And In This Case The Value Of The Product Mentioned In The Purchase Invoice Is Considered And Its Price Is Returned Using The Same Method Used Upon Purchase.

The Consumer Cannot Return Or Exchange Goods In The Following Cases:

  1. If The Consumer Is Aware Of A Defect Or Defect That Already Exists In The Product At The Time Of Purchase And Accepts It As It Is, Or If It Was The Last Piece Offered In The Store And This Matter Is Mentioned In The Invoice.
  2. If The Specifications Or The Way The Goods Are Packaged Prevent Their Replacement Or Return Because That Leads To Damage Or Makes It Impossible To Return Them To The Original Purchase Condition, And Therefore It Is Impossible To Resell Them.
  3. In The Event That The Customer Misuses, Damages, Or Wrongly Installs The Goods.
  4. If The Product Cannot Be Installed Again, Or If There Are Missing Accessories Or Components With Or Without Cartons, Or With Torn Packaging, Which Must Be In The Same Condition In Which The Customer Purchased It.
  5. In The Case Of Purchasing A Personal Care Product (Bed Sheets, Blankets, Sheets, Towels, Mattresses … Etc.), Due To The Nature Of Its Use And For Health Reasons.
  6. A2M Shall Not Be Liable For Any Delay In The Delivery Of Products Or Otherwise The Performance Of Any Obligation As Specified In These Terms If The Cause Is Wholly Or Partly Caused By Force Majeure Events And/Or By Force Majeure, Whether Directly Or Indirectly.
Please Note: This Policy Is Subject To Change Without Prior Notice. Please Contact Our Customer Service Team For More Information On The Return And Exchange Policy.
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